Instructions for General Election to Lok Sabha 2019

  • Schedule of General Election 2019 for Chandigarh
  • Rate List of Items for Political parties and Candidates
  • Instruction Regarding Restriction for Printing of Pamphlets , Poster etc.
  • Instruction Regarding opening of dedicated counter for Generala Election to Lok Sabha 2019
  • Checklist for Candidates and Political parties for General Election to Lok Sabha 2019
  • Instruction for Maintenance of account of Election Expenditure by Political Parties
  • General Election to Lok Sabha 2019 - BCAS Circular regarding Security procedure for General Aviation Operations, Chartered Aircraft Operations and Helicopter Operations during Election process.
  • Accounting shortcomings in Election Expenditure Statement of Political parties regarding
  • Regarding inspection of accounts/expenditure register of Contesting Candidate by the Election Expenditure Observer.
  • Regarding all expenses incurred in connection with visit of all leaders of the party
  • Intimation of one day facilitation training programme and account reconciliation meeting